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A complete Year of Attractions.

In Inzell one celebration follows the other. There are lots of events spread over the whole year, for example the Pfingstroas (Journey of Pentecost) is an event where more than 30  bands,, allotted over the complete village, play our traditional Bavarian music, or the Dorffest (annual village festival) at the end of July were guests and locals celebrate extensively until early in the morning. Unique events are for example the Michaeli Ritt (St Michael’s Ride) which takes place the last Sunday in September as well as the Cross Country  Chiemgau Team Trophy. In wintertime the speed skaters meet  for the Worldcup, dog-sledge riders,  balloonists and speedway freaks  come together , all in front of the wonderful white backdrop. Beside all these highlights in Inzell, there is always something else going on be it Aqua-Fitness or a guided tour in the Max Aicher Arena. All ongoing activities can be found in the Veranstaltungskalender (calender of events), on Facebook Inzell Fans can easily check what’s up at the moment or in the near future.

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