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Gipfelerlebnisse in Inzell

Mountain Hikes

Climb the top Floor.
Silent wood lands, blunt rocks, striking summits: tie your alpine boots, get your rucksack and discover the Inzell mountain paradise, A-one panorama views are waiting for you

Name Schwierigkeit Länge (km) Höhenmeter
Gamsknogel schwer
Hochstaufen-Überschreitung schwer
Inzeller Kienberg-Streicher schwer
Kienbergl Gipfelwanderung schwer
Zwiesel-Runde schwer

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Here is the Summit !

Choosing a mountain tour in Inzell you can’t go wrong, each mountain is unique, each one has its specific attraction, each one has character. You pass mixed forests, hike across grassy slopes and tight mountain pine fields, climb across country and narrow steep tracks. To be able to really enjoy a mountain tour it’s necessary  to be in good physical shape and to be sure of step. Arrived at the top one feels as being somewhere between the sky and the earth and would like to sing out loud. But a well performed crow will also be accepted.


Mountain Hiking with kids.  The German Alpenverein recommends to limit mountain tours with children under 6 years to a maximum of 3 to 4 hours. Kids above 6 years can hike for longer routes, provided that you make regular rests and the kids are really motivated. As a rough rule to calculate the walking times with kids take the normal walking time for adults and multiply with factor 1.5


Magic moments. Watching the sun rise in the mountains remains unforgettable, when the golden sunbeams slowly dive the summits, the knolls and finally the whole pasture into sparkling light. Forgotten is the pain of a very early wake up and the efforts of the mountain tour. This beauty of nature is overwhelming and you feel something like a warm and silent thankfulness.   

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