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  • Mountain Forest Adventure Path (Bergwald-Erlebnispfad)
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Mountain Forest Adventure Path (Bergwald-Erlebnispfad)

Little and grown up explorers of nature discover the traces to the secrets of the Inzell mountain forest. They even forget time because walking can be so thrilling. Flyer Bergwald-Erlebnispfad

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Adlgaß 1 83334 Inzell


Tel.: +49 (0) 8665 - 9885-0 Web: www.inzell.de

What the forest is telling us.

The mountain forest belongs to Inzell like a strawberry-ice to the summer. The adventure trail leads straight through the Inzell mountain forest. A fire salamander icon signposts the way to 20 adventure and info stations. The brave ones stick their head into the humming stone or dive their toe into the ice-cold Frillensee creek or they compete with the forest animals in a long jump contest. Barefooted you walk across the soil parkour over smooth dosh, tree bark and rotund pebble stones. Who knows which tree can get more than 600 years old, and who realizes the sound of a wooden organ ?


Have a Guess. The mountain forest adventure trail is a good opportunity to compete in a quiz ralley within the family, among the kids or with friends. Simply build up several teams equipped with pencil and writing pad and start walking from one station to the next and right down the answers to the questions at each station. Winner is the one who has answered the highest number of questions correctly.


Shady and refreshing. Hiking in summer time one can be heated up by the sun very quickly. Good to know that the adventure trail leads along the cool creek Frillensee. The tight tree tops build a shady roof. Dive your feet into the water, but be aware, the water of the creek is cold!


Jumping as long as an animal. Human beings can long jump round about 5 times their body height. That sounds quite good. But the little forest mouse jumps 8 times its size and the flea even 200 times. In the sand-box you can compete with the local mountain forest habitants. Take a long, long inrun and then take off.


Have a break. The adventure trail ends at the lake Frillensee. The lake lies at an altitude of ca 1000 metres and having reached the lake it’s worth a break. An alpine hut close to the lake offers even on rainy days a dry resting area. Finally eternise your name on one of the three autograph trees - if you like.

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Susann Groth


+49 (0) 8665/9885-0
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