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Mountain Brooks

The lively refreshment .

Water is full of energy. It is the basic element of life, it gives power. In Inzell there are lots of sprightly burbling brooks some are smaller ones others run much more water. Sometimes their downward gradient is steep sometimes the water is flowing quite slowly. In the forest the mountain brook banishes the silence, it’s bubbly rustling noise can be heard from afar, kids love it to construct a dam or to balance from stone to stone. Brave ones submerge their toes into the ice cold waters or even jump into the waters completely. We call them “Gumpen” the small water basins in the rocket which have been eroded by the water, they are like small, cool bathtubs. The one who wants to relax, looks for a place on the brook side and glances across the waters. What an appeasing atmosphere!

inzell familie und grosseltern wasser spaß

Everything is flowing.

The brooks Falkenseebach, Frillenseebach, Großwaldbach, Rote Traun, Weißbach are always worth a trip. Is the water calm it mirrors the crowns of the trees, the mountains and the floating of the clouds. Snow melt and rain falls swell up the brooks, that’s when even a kittenish brook can soar a powerful rustling and bubbling. Who walks along a mountain brook feels exhilarated, the bubbling noise does dictate the speed and the ice cold waters refresh the tired feet.


Caught ice cold. The Bergwald-Erlebnispfad (Mountain Forest Adventure Path) starts from Adlgaß upwards to the lake Frillensee, walking along the brook of the same name. On various discovery stations you get to know not only the forest, but you also get the opportunity to estimate the water temperature, to construct a ship from assembled natural materials and to compete in the Gaudi-Boot-Rennen (fun boat race). Ahoy!


The perfect souvenir photo. To take a picture of a brook isn’t such easy because the water is permanently moving. Use a long exposure time to get the flowing water on the photo. To prevent camera shake take a tripode with you and use an ambient light filter which is less light-transmissive and intensifies contrasts.

Bei Fragen Helfe ich gerne

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