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Max Aicher Arena

The Max Aicher Arena is the architectural and sportive landmark of Inzell. Its architecture with the complete panorama glazing is unique. This state of the art Ice Speed Skating Hall offers room for up to 7000 spectators. In winter time the Arena is home of various international ice sports events. In summer time various other events take place. In the beginning 1960s the ice speed skating championships have been taken place on the lake Frillensee. Due to its advantageous location in between the mountains the Frillensee offers already in November a solid ice layer. On the other side this special climatic situation on the Frillensee was often too extreme showing bitterly cold temperatures and / or the ice was covered with deep snow.  To be in better control of natural surprises, Inzell constructed in 1963 an outdoor ice speed arena. Finally in 2011 the all new Max Aicher Arena has been inaugurated. Its distinctively designed roof can be seen from afar. Max Aicher Arena Kinospot


Reichenhaller Straße 79 83334 Inzell


Tel: +49 (0) 8665 9881-11 Mail: info@max-aicher-arena.de Web: www.max-aicher-arena.de

Embedded into the nature.

The Max Aicher Arena is a unique architectural attraction. Outstanding are especially the design of the roof and the panorama glazing. The dynamically designed roof can be seen from afar and gives the impression as if it is floating like a white cloud above the Arena. The roof is permeable to daylight but filters the hot sunbeams in order to protect the perfect ice layer in the Arena from melting. The second architectural attraction is the complete panorama glazing of the Arena which offers a great view of the mountains  around as well as of the lake Zwingsee. In winter time the Arena is home of various international ice sports events. In summer time various other events take place.  


Guided tour. Once per week you can get a view to the backstage of the Max Aicher Arena. The cooling system of the Arena has been especially developed to offer best conditions for the athletes. Therefor a central temperature control and steering system is installed. This electronic system is connected to temperature sensors which enable the system to steer all relevant temperatures, especially the ice temperature, to an optimum.


Summer Ice. In the mid of summer, when the sun shines bright and the temperatures are at their highest, in Inzell we have ice, summer ice. That’s the time when the Max Aicher Arena is populated by the international speed skate and short track athlets. Spectators are very welcome.


Family day. Ice skating is great fun for the whole family. While mom and the kids have fun on the 1.800 square metres inner ice area, dad can skate some laps on the fast 400 meter ice speed track, or vice versa. Skating shoes and ice skaters can be rented in the Max Aicher Arena.


Yearly Highlight for Motorsport Freaks. Since 40 years the World Championships in Ice Speedway take place in Inzell every year. In this special motor cyclists sport the drivers ride their motorbikes with up to 100 miles per hour around the 400 meter ice track. Nearly 20.000 motorsport freaks come and watch this spectacular race every year.

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