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Tubing Piste (Reifenrutschen)

Who asserts that tobogganing is only possible in winter ? At the Kesselalm you can speed down a wide piste on big ballon tyres. That’s at least as thrilling as tobogganing on snow but it’s less cold. Thick gloves and a cap are not needed, instead high spirit and passion for speed are required. Because such a balloon tyre get’s rather fast, when sliding down a steep piste. Steering and breaking are not possible when you slide on a balloon tyre, that means: close your eyes and let it slide, there is no halt in giggling and enjoying the speed.

Get on, speed up and have fun

To recover is easy, as you don’t need to climb back,  you and your balloon tyre will be towed back to the starting point by the lift. There is time enough to slow down before the next downhill slide begins. Looking for a refreshment in between? The sun terrace of the Kesselalm is waiting for you. Finally being passionate about tubing compete the next downhill slide for a piece of cake or a strawberry-ice and cream. Make a bet who will win?

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