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Please mind: as soon as you leave the released roads, you move on Alpine ground and on your own risk. You must pay attention to all sorts of dangers, especially you have to take care of the risk of avalanches by yourself. Liability will not be assumed. For your own safety: before you start an Alpine tour check the latest avalanche report (Lawinenlagebericht). You find the avalanche report on: www.alpenverein.de

Mark Your own Trace .

"It is totally silent. I lean with my back against the trunk of a mighty fir tree. Its snow covered limbs build a white roof above me. I close my eyes. The tender wind floating across the forest glade smells of snow. Gently swaying the crowns of the trees the wind caresses my face. Mother Hulda sends her regards. A surreal silence covers the nature and touches me as well. By snowshoeing I have discovered virgin soil. I have been hiking across unspoiled grassland, have collected snow crystals and waved to the nearby mountain summits. I have watched the clouds passing by and listened to the stories of the ice brook. That’s the way to happiness".  Snowshoes and touring skis make winter hiking possible faraway from roads and hiking trails. In Inzell everyone decides on his destination all by oneself. Across wide hills to cosy country inns, a challenging ascent to an alpine dairy farm or even further up to the high summit cross. The fresh powder snow let the eyes of a ski touring freak sparkle with joy, the descent will be the highlight of the day.

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The Journey is the Reward.

When the snow-white landscape enwraps all noises in wadding, when only the crunching of the snowshoes can be heard - an Gmpfgmpfgmpf in the cold powder snow and a Kritschkritschkritsch on ice surface – then snowshoers get bright eyes. On the trail around the lake Frillensee starting from Adlgaß, you become at one with the winter forest. Hiking to the Kesselalm your view feasts on the Inzell valley and the Chiemgau Alps, hiking from Einsiedl to Schneewinkel you’ll enjoy the pure idyll and solitude.


Safety first. En route in an Alpine terrain you should always have a safety equipment with you in your rucksack. That is: avalanche rescue beacon (LVS), -transceiver, -shovel, first aid kit and a bivouac bag. The avalanche report informs about the current accident level (Gefahrenstufe). In Germany you can find the report under:  www.lawinenwarndienst-bayern.de


Snowshoeing is easy and you can learn it quickly. Nevertheless one has always to be prepared to cope with different snow condition, sometimes the terrain is icy, the snow can be soft or harsh or powdered. Compared to hiking in summer the snowshoe tracing requires higher power, condition and to be sure of step. The Inzell sports shops offer the equipment and trial courses.


The special family tour. In the light of a headlamp the unhurried guided 3 hours tour leads from the starting point Niederachen over Keitl to the Kesselalm and back again. Everyone is able to go, be it young or old. Not only kids love the atmosphere of a winter night, when the moon and the stars are shining in the sky and show the way.


For ambitious snowshoeing enthusiasts all Inzell ski touring routs are most suitable.  For example the tour from Farnbichl to the Stoißeralm has been tagged and sign posted also in winter by the association Deutscher Alpenverein. This tour offers a wonderful hike and protects at the same time the sensitive wildlife habitat of the shy Rauhfußhühner.

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