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Inzell Sommer Badepark Naturbadesee


Natural Swimming Lake.

Bathing water with drinking water quality. Stroke by stroke you slip through the pure water and you feel facile and well supported. The Inzell natural swimming lake has a surface of 10.000 square metres, 50 m lanes and is filled with pure water without any chemical additions such as chlorine. Natural helpers such as certain plants cleanse biologically. Generously laid out sunbathing areas for sun worshippers and shade lovers. Especially popular are the wooden sun platform and the little stage leading across the lake which is very idyllic. To ensure that all water lovers keep up their strength, the kiosk at the natural lake offers a large and inexpensive variety of ice-creams, drinks and snacks datenerhebung_badepark_inzell

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Plenty of Water Adventures.

A visit to the natural swimming lake is always a great experience for the whole family. On the 50 m swimming lanes one can really exhaust oneself while the youngest guests flounder about in the mother-child area. Courage is needed on the 3 metre diving board. From below it doesn’t look that high but from above the heartbeat immediately speeds up a little bit. Best is to breathe deeply, count to three and: jump. Kids like to demonstrate it the adults.


Special evening rates for scrimpers. There is a reduced admission fee for the natural lake – only 1 Euro from 6 pm for adults and children. Young children up to 6 years have free admission all day. Additionally there are special offers for frequent swimmers.


Aquatraining. Exercising in water together in a group is great fun. Accompanied by lively background music, pushing against the resistance of the water. Discover an efficient and healthful sport !

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