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Inzell and the Stars – a Promise of Quality

Exclusive comfort or plain cosiness, first class facilities or solid convenience, each guest has his personal attitude for unforgettable holidays. To give our guests a good basis to choose the best holiday accommodation for their wishes our accommodations have been classified to the standards of the DEHOGA (German Hotel and Restaurant Association) The Inzell hosts have voluntarily been certified by this standardized and binding DEHOGA quality certification for Hotels and private accommodations. Booking a certified accommodation is the best starting point to ensure pleasant and unique holidays. Further information about classification

  • Hotels
  • Privatzimmer und Ferienwohnungen
  • Die Hotel-Klassifizierung
    Hotel-Klassifizierung G-Klassifizierung Unterkünfte für.. Beschreibung
    s1 g1 basic standard Required are convenient facilities for a normal stay without big comfort.
    s2 g2 average standard Required are convenient facilities with a touch of comfort. All facilities have to be in good condition.
    s3 g3 raised standard All facilities have to be in very good condition, combined with a good middle class service.
    s4 g4 high standard Required are generous, first class facilities
    s5 g5 highest standard The house must have a distinctive character with an exclusive flair and perfect service

    The G-classification is especially for Restaurants, Inns and Guest Houses, which do not belong to the Hotel category. As such the G-classification is the “little sister” of the German Hotel classification

  • Die Klassifizierung von Privatzimmern (bis 9 Betten) und Ferienwohnungen/Ferienhäuser
    p1 Ordinary and convenient accommodation with basic comfort. All basic facilities are at hand. Age related wear on the facilities is acceptable.
    p2 Good and convenient accommodation with an average comfort. The complete facilities are in good shape and of solid quality.
    p3 Homey accommodation with good comfort. All facilities are of good quality and give an appealing overall impression
    p4 Superior accommodation with upper comfort. The harmoniously combined interiors are of superior quality
    p5 Exclusive first class accommodation with extra-ordinary comfort. The prestigious interiors create a generous and noble flair.

    The star classification of privat rooms is labeled with a P (for example: P[stars] ). The holiday flats and holiday houses are labeled with an F (for example: F[stars] ). The number of not classified accommodations of the host are labeled with nk.

Inzell and its Cachets - We do everything for our Guests.

Inzell accommodations with a cachet (seal of quality) guarantee additional value, be it a "Naturland" business, a host "Qualitätsgastgeber Langlauf " (cross country skiing) or a host "Alpine Gastgeber". Booking holidays at “Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof” (farm holidays) one can closely experience agricultural living and working on a Bavarian farm. The "Bett+bike adfc"-accommodations offer special services to bikers. Hosts with the cachetSalzalpensteigare especially focused on the needs and preferences of hikers. Thats why in Inzell every guest finds his individual way to pleasant holidays.

Chiemgau Karte | Ruhpolding & Inzell

Holiday time is exceptional and Inzell presents his guests with special offers. An admission free visit to the public indoor pool, a soccer golf game, bike rental, tennis match or a panoramic cable car ride - everything for free. In winter you are invited to skiing, snow-tubing or ice-skating in the Max Aicher Arena. Mehr Informationen

Hiking in Germany

Since 130 years the German hikers association Deutscher Wanderverband (DWV) is committed to the interests of hikers. The DWV is the umbrella organization of 58 German mountaineering and hiking clubs with round about 600.000 members. Under the logo “Wanderbares Deutschland” the DWV and its Service GmbH specify and control quality standards for German hiking trails, hosts and accommodations. www.wanderbares-deutschland.de

Holidays on a Landhof in Bavaria

Holidays on a Landhof features authentical and original countrified experience. These facilities usually are former farms or part-time farm businesses. The agricultural character of the Landhof is still quite obvious. www.bauernhof-urlaub.com

Holidays on a Farm (Bauernhof)

Hosts with the cachet „Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof“ practice an active farming business. Here one can closely experience real agricultural living and working on a Bavarian farm. www.landtourismus.de

Alpine Hosts (Alpine Gastgeber)

This special cachet group is a marketing cooperation of family run businesses from upper Bavaria, the Salzburg country and Tyrol. www.alpine-gastgeber.com

Quality Hosts for Cross Country Skiing (Langlauf)

The cachet Langlauf-Qualitätsgastgeber is focused on cross country skiing enthusiasts and promises a unique quality level in the complete Chiemgau district. The host and his facilities have to fulfill special quality requirements around cross country skiing. Weitere Informationen

Nature's Country (Naturland)

The  „Naturland - Verbund für Naturgemäßen Landbau e. V.“ is one of the major organizations for ecological farming, animal husbandry and eco products in Germany. Worldwide Naturland is one of the biggest quality certification organizations for eco products. www.naturland.de

Landesverband Bauernhof- und Landurlaub Bayern e.V

This Bavarian association has 1700 members. Its objectives are the professional marketing of our genuine Bavarian tourist attractions and especially to further develop our individual holiday programs. Weitere Informationen


Hosts with the cachet „SalzAlpenSteig“  make arrangements especially for hikers and fulfill as such the high quality specifications of Premium Hiking Trails.

Warum Inzell?

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Naturally good

Inzell lies in a sunny open valley, just at the feet of the alps. The nature is our highest asset, our farmers work without biogenetics and we are keen to save our protective areas.

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Briskly sporty

Inzell inhabitants are sporty and like it best to take their guests with them. Mountaineering, hiking, biking, skating…, main thing is to get out and move, that’s good for body and soul.

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Keeping our Village Spirit

Inzell is a village – fortunatelly! People know each other, meet each other warm- and open-hearted, everyone feels good. Guests are family and "good by" means "see you again".