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inzell touristik team 2016


Inzell for us is an affair of the heart.
inzell herfst info team

The Inzell Tourism Team helps with words and deeds all around holiday topics. We like to support you for free in tender preparation, reservation and advice. Our guest attendants accompany you on guided hiking tours and show you the most beautiful places of Inzell. They show you how to do handicrafts on diverse themes. Impart knowledge about herbs in nature and take care of little guests in the Kids Club. Your strong partner to ensure unforgettable holidays in Inzell. Come on and discover Inzell! We are looking forward to seeing you.

Short introduction
Inzeller Touristik Gerhard Steinbacher_9428
Gerhard Steinbacher

+49 (0) 8665/9885-0

Inzeller Touristik Evelyn Wieser_9503
Evelyn Wieser

+49 (0) 8665/9885-11

Inzeller Touristik Birgit Thanner_9547
Birgit Thanner

+49 (0) 8665/9885-24

Inzeller Touristik Julia Kern_9473
Julia Kern

Guest registration
+49 (0) 8665/9885-18

Inzeller Touristik Renate Mayer_9517
Renate Mayer

Guest information
+49 (0) 8665/9885-0

Inzeller Touristik Miriam Berger_9529
Miriam Dittrich

Guest information
+49 (0) 8665/9885-0

Inzeller Touristik Susann Groth_9487
Susann Groth

Guest information
+49 (0) 8665/9885-0

Inzeller Touristik Andrea Lindner_9625
Andrea Lindner

Guest information
+49 (0) 8665/9885-0

Inzeller Touristik Leah Zopf_9453
Leah Zopf

+49 (0) 8665/9885-0

Inzeller Touristik Binja Schröder_9653
Binja Schröder

Guest support service
+49 (0) 8665/9885-0

Inzeller Touristik Daniela Spies_9664
Daniela Spies

+49 (0) 8665/9885-0

Inzeller Touristik Ludwig Wieser_9640
Ludwig Wieser

+49 (0) 8665/9885-0

Inzeller Touristik Willibald Sorko_1861
Willibald Sorko

+49 (0) 8665/9885-0

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