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Pure Action and Speed

Short track speed skating is an olympic sport. Multiple competitors skate several laps on an only 111 m short oval ice track. In each heat compete between four and eight skaters, of which only the first two or three fastest get into the next round. The extreme small curve radiuses of the track require a different skating technic and equipment compared to the classic speed skating on 400 m tracks. The Max Aicher Arena is a regular venue of national and international short track events

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Max Aicher Arena

The Max Aicher Arena is the architectural and sportive landmark of Inzell. Its architecture with the complete panorama glazing is unique. This state of the art Ice Speed Skating Hall offers room for up to 7000 spectators. In winter time the Arena is home of various international ice sports events. In summer time various other events take place. In the beginning 1960s the ice speed skating championships have been taken place on the lake Frillensee. Due to its advantageous location in between the mountains the Frillensee offers already in November a solid ice layer. On the other side this special climatic situation on the Frillensee was often too extreme showing bitterly cold temperatures and / or the ice was covered with deep snow.  To be in better control of natural surprises, Inzell constructed in 1963 an outdoor ice speed arena. Finally in 2011 the all new Max Aicher Arena has been inaugurated. Its distinctively designed roof can be seen from afar.


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Reichenhaller Straße 79 83334 Inzell

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