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Inzell Winter Outdoor Kurzfilm

Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding

Please mind: as soon as you leave the released roads, you move on Alpine ground and on your own risk. You must pay attention to all sorts of dangers, especially you have to take care of the risk of avalanches by yourself. Liability will not be assumed. For your own safety: before you start an Alpine tour check the latest avalanche report (Lawinenlagebericht). You find the avalanche report on: www.alpenverein.de

Downhill sports are quite easy in Inzell.

Skiing or snowboarding at the Kesselalm lifts or at the sunny slope of the Pommernlift in Inzell is pure, unhurried relaxing. No long queuing at the lifts. Hectic pace at the Kesselalm? Not at all! Instead enjoy small but fine slopes, carving turns, parallel turns and the well known “Einkehr Turns” leading straight into the homey Kesselalm restaurant. The Kesselalm lifts and the Pommern lift in Adlgaß with their less steep slopes are ideal exercising sites for beginners and families with children. Little skiing princesses proudly perform their first snow-plough turns, while the more adventurous kids race straight down the slope. Discover the Inzell mountains in a special way and let the snow swirl up when descending the slopes. Adults and kids find here their skiing pleasure and enjoy amazing moments of happiness.

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Wer zum Skifahren zu den Kesselalm Liften nach Inzell kommt, schätzt die Gemütlichkeit, hier geht es entspannt zu. Schlange stehen am Lift? Fehlanzeige! Hektisches Treiben auf der Hütte? Bestimmt nicht! Stattdessen gibt’s: feine kleine Abfahrten, flotte Einkehrschwünge und das Inzeller Rundum-Bergpanorama. Die Kesselalm Lifte sind ein ideales Übungsgelände für Anfänger und Familien mit Kindern mit schönen flachen Pisten. Kleine Skihasen meistern stolz die ersten Pflugbögen, Mutigere rasen im Schuss den Berg hinunter. Entdecken Sie auf besondere Weise die Bergwelt und lassen Sie beim bergab fahren den Schnee spritzen. Große und kleine Skifahrer finden hier optimalen Skispaß und erleben ein berauschendes Glücksgefühl.


Tel: +49 (0) 8665 928 565 Mail: haus.steinbacher@web.de Web: www.kessel-lifte.de


Froschseer Straße 37 83334 Inzell

From snow-plough to carving turns.

Whereas elsewhere people collect piste kilometres, you’ll find endless moments of happiness in Inzell. Stepping out of the door you are almost on the slope, which is - of course - well prepared every day. A snow cannon at the Kesselalm lift is the ideal snow assurance. Floodlight featuring skiing also in the evening and for a cosy warm-up the fireside in the Kesselalm is always sizzling. If you want to improve your skiing skills book a skiing course or private lessons, the Inzell expert skiing instructors are looking forward to teaching you.


Family friendly skiing. Lifting up, racing down, up and down and once again and again. Kids can’t get enough from skiing. Whereas the grown-ups occasionally take a break, the kids carry on racing down the slopes. Good to know that you always have a good overview on the Inzell slopes and no one can get lost, parents have everything under control.


Test the best. Rockerskis, ladycarver, freerider, slalom skis or finally an allrounder ? There is a broad variation of ski models waiting for you. Instead immediately buying one model one can test various types. Inzell sporting shops offer top material for rent, waxed and polished at its best. Why not testing every day a different ski for rent ?


Piste rules. To ensure always pleasant winter fun the international skiing association has defined ten rules for alpine slopes. We would draw your attention only to the  topmost rule: “skiers and snowboarders must behave in a way that no one else on the slope can be endangered or injured. Every one on the piste must control his speed and way of driving according to his personal skills and the local conditions”.


The right turn can be learned quickly. With professional support snowboarding makes even more fun and you make fast steps forward. Our young expert snowboarding instructors will bring beginners in shortest time to a level where they can easily slide down the pistes, with the advanced snowboarder they will tweak their technique to perfection.

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