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Ski Touring

Please mind: as soon as you leave the released roads, you move on Alpine ground and on your own risk. You must pay attention to all sorts of dangers, especially you have to take care of the risk of avalanches by yourself. Liability will not be assumed. For your own safety: before you start an Alpine tour check the latest avalanche report (Lawinenlagebericht). You find the avalanche report on:

Afare from the piste

Some people do ski touring because they like the smooth and regular ambling. They enjoy the snow covered nature, the fresh mountain air and the exercise. Others are already at the beginning crazy about the off piste downhill skiing at the end of the tour. For example the tour from Farnbichl to the Stoißeralm has been tagged and sign posted by the association Deutscher Alpenverein. The tour leads through forests and across wide and not too steep mountain pastures. Who likes it can additionally take the route to the summit cross of the Teisenberg.

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Safety first. En route in an Alpine terrain you should always have the safety equipment with you in your rucksack. That is: avalanche rescue beacon (LVS), -transceiver, -shovel, first aid kit and a bivouac bag. The avalanche report informs about the current accident level (Gefahrenstufe). In Germany you can find the report under:


Skitour with a panoramic view. Starting from the road between Inzell and Ruhpolding abreast of the lake Froschsee the tour leads to the 1.594 metres summit of the mountain Streicher. The tour requires the right assessment of the avalanche and snow conditions. The view from the flat summit plateau reaches on the south side far onto the Alpine main ridges and on the north side onto the foothills of the Alps.


As for the clothes the onion principle is recommended which consists of several warm and breathable layers. You should also have with you some try clothes for change and a thick jacket for the downhill skiing. On cold days a hot tea or a soup from the thermos jug have a miraculous effect. Sometimes one forgets to drink a lot but that’s important also in winter.


Animals are under special protection. Wintertime is a very sensitive time for animals. They find less food and each exertion for example when an animal has to escape from humans can lead to exertion and even death of the animal. That’s why we ask you to respect the following 3 rules: stay on tagged paths and roads. Respect nature reserves. Avoid twilight time slots.

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