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inzell sommer familie soccer park schuss und socceralm
inzell sommer familie soccer park schuss und socceralm


Inzell is the home of Germany’s biggest Soccergolf Park. The 73.000 square meter green is framed by mountain summits, hills, meadows and the unique moorland of Inzell. These marvelous views can easily interfere your concentration. Soccer golf is not complicated but a little bit of concentration and some skills are advantageous. In this trendy sport your skills are asked to kick the ball over long distances, around corners or through concrete rings and goal walls and finally into the hole. And the winner is – as in classic golf sports - the one who needs in sum the lowest number of shots over all 18 tracks.

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The ball is calling.

Soccergolf is by no means reserved for soccer players: on the differently designed trails which are embedded in the natural landscape, everyone be it man or woman, young or old, can prove his special skills. Most important is to have the special kind of body feeling and – what a surprise – in Soccergolf the girls very often prove to be the better goal getters. Special preparation is not necessary. After a short introduction you start directly on the parcour. Soccer balls are for free, of course everyone is allowed to bring along his own favorite ball.


Equipment. To play soccergolf you don’t need special equipment. As you can play soccergolf under all weather conditions, sports and casual wear are the best choice. If the weather is indifferent it is useful to have a raincoat with you. Please mind: soccer shoes with cleats or naps are not allowed. Refreshments are available in the cosy Almhütte, during summer time the outdoor terasse is also open.


Degrees of difficulty. The Inzell Soccergolf Park consists of 2 parcours with 18 tracks each which are 30 to 160 meters long. Beginners and families with kids feel best on the Fun Parcour. To play the Fun Parcour takes you round about 1 to 1,5 hours. Whereas the Premium Parcour is slightly more challenging and you should plan 2,5 hours for it.

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