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Warum Inzell?

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Keeping our Village Spirit

Inzell is a village – fortunatelly! People know each other, meet each other warm- and open-hearted, everyone feels good. Guests are family and "good by" means "see you again".

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Naturally good

Inzell lies in a sunny open valley, just at the feet of the alps. The nature is our highest asset, our farmers work without biogenetics and we are keen to save our protective areas.

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Briskly sporty

Inzell inhabitants are sporty and like it best to take their guests with them. Mountaineering, hiking, biking, skating…, main thing is to get out and move, that’s good for body and soul.

Inzell Inside


Butcher Shops in Inzell

In Inzell we have two local butcher shops. Our butcher shops fulfill the highest EU standards. The animal transportation distances are at a minimum, slaughtering is done on site, the animals are delivered exclusively from farms with species-appropriate animal husbandry.


Beating all Records

Each year the Max Aicher Arena in Inzell is home of more than 3500 athletes from 20 nations who exercise. The Inzell ice track is very fast, most international speed skating records are set in Inzell.


Lake Frillensee

The lake Frillensee is a relikt of the last ice age, it was created when the mighty glaciers melted down. Till today the water of the lake is very cold.. The distinctive feature of the lake is its freezing process which starts in the middle of the lake, not from the edges as usual.


Adventure Path

The centre of the labyrinth in the Bergwald-Erlebnispfad (Mountain forest adventure path) is surrounded by 11 circles and has 28 turns. The walking distance to the centre is 40 times as much as the radius of the labyrinth.


Max Aicher Arena

The dynamically designed roof of the Max Aicher Arena covers an area of 22.000 square metres and is capable to carry the equivalent load of 7000 VW Golf automobiles. Plenty of further information about the outstanding Arena is given on the weekly guided tour

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    Perfect Ice, Track is free

    The Max Aicher Arena. Spectacular architecture. Panorama glazing. Ice ready for records. A preferred training site for world’s top athletes, each year. And a skating venue for our guests.

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    Sliding easily

    Cross country skiing is like dancing, is rhythme and intuition. Pure pleasure of movement. Simply a source of happiness. Accompanied by the pristine sound of nature. White as far as the eye can see and a clear blue winter sky.

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    Here You will undergo more

    Dog sledge competitions in winter. The Michaeliritt (Saint Michael’s Ride) in September. Glowing Balloons under the starry sky, the Roas (journey) on Pentecost. Inzell is vibrating. Collect unforgettable and wonderful holiday moments.

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  • Family Adventure Land

    Inzell offers enchanted moorlands, mystic mountain forests, sky swings and sand castles, lakes and creeks for splashing. In addition the pristine alpine air and plenty of free space for everyone.

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    For Pedal Cavaliers and Saddle Missies

    Sweating , exhausted, charley horse, altitude metres. But after all: let it flow, downhill, breath deeply and cool down. Refuel energy. Mountain biking in the Chiemgau Alps is pure fun, a real endorphin-intoxication.

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    Hiking straight across the Country

    It’s dusting, it’s snowing, it’s swirling, it’s creaking. Snow-shoeing is pure winter freedom. Hike your own way as you like, or follow other’s traces. On your own, as a double or in a group of people. Let’s move.

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  • inzell sommer berg gamsknogel gipfelkreuz abend

    Meeting the Sky

    Climb up to the summit. Great silence. Panorama view. Sun rise. Sun set. Being at one with yourself and the sky. Mountaineers know this feeling. One can’t describe it, you have to experience by yourself.

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    We prepare VIP Boxes for You

    Our alpine pastures. Outstanding locations,  the way to the pastures is already the reward. The clock is running differently, slowly, peacefully, originally. Sitting, watching, dreaming. Have your senses spoiled. Inhale the plenty of nature.

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    Get to feel our Winter Bliss

    Fresh snow, a magical word for all lovers of winter sports ! This makes everyone smile, bright eyes and the heard beats faster. The nature, covered with sugar powder. Let’s get outdoors, that’s our favourite motto in Inzell.

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