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Valley Hiking

Climbing is not all the World.
Who thinks, only the view from the summit cross is unique, be assured that the view from the valley is not less illustrious. The mountains are the backdrop, a view of which the valley hiker can’t get enough.

Name Schwierigkeit Länge (km) Höhenmeter
Frillensee-Runde leicht
Kienbergl-Runde leicht
Panorama-Runde mittel

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Meadows covered with alpine pinks, marguerites, hawkbits, clover, meadow sage and crowfoot. Rustic farmsteads from where cheerful hen gaggle can be heard. Small hamlets embedded in the landscape. Walking along the Inzell valley trails you don’t get tired to look at all these beauties of nature. You can walk along the Inzell valley trails in each time of the year and under all weather conditions. When wafts of mist float across the Inzell Filzen you can feel this mystic like atmosphere, having gentle rain the soil smells pretty harsh.


Family friendly. Walking with a baby buggy you will appreciate well maintained, broad and plain hiking trails. That’s why the Inzell valley hiking trails can be especially recommended for families. No long nor steep ascents, no rough terrain where you need to be sure of step. But  instead a broad variety of amazing landscapes.


Time to have a look around. On a mountain hike you have to concentrate on the path and to be always sure of step, whereas on a valley hike even while walking you have the time to have a closer look at a special tree,  gurgling brooks, blooming hillside meadows. The kids for sure discover each anthill,  each grasshopper, each butterfly.


Going astray. When hiking along the valley, you are not in a hurry. Spontaneous side trips or additional rests are always welcome. Especially as you have in Inzell so many opportunities to have a snack or the one or other Bavarian gastronomical delight which attract to be taken. On the other hand one has always the choice to cut a corner and to take the local bus.


Everything on the map: The Kompass Wanderkarte (map of hiking trails) for Inzell with altitude profiles, complete trail descriptions and QR codes gives you useful tips en route. Planning your route at home or during the tour with this map you’ll find your dream tour. To order the Inzell Kompass Hiking Map click here:  Hier gibt’s die Inzeller Kompass Wanderkarte   

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