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Advantage Inzell.

Whether playing tennis in a doubles or in a singles game, it always requires concentration, quick reactions and fast legs. The fresh Inzell mountain air provides you with energy, every serve fits. Playing early in the morning has its special attraction, when the day awakens and the sun appears behind a mountain summit, or playing in the warm air of the evening when the day slowly draws to a close. The Inzell mountain panorama is always worth a short break.

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Playing tennis as often as you like.

The Inzell tennis courts are located near by the Max-Aicher-Arena. There are six sand courts and guests are always welcome. The ones who never had a racket in their hands start with a trial lesson, future champs tweak the optimal service as well as the perfect forehand and backhand returns. Most important is to concentrate on the ball in order to score and win: game, set and match


Being crazy about Tennis, you never want to stop playing. With the Chiemgau Karte | Ruhpolding & Inzell this fun is even for free. Get a vacant tennis court and play as often as you like following the motto: fight hard and score for victory.


Who hasn’t yet achieved the perfect handling of a tennis racket can easily train the right feeling for ball and racket. Take a balloon, throw it in the air and balance the balloon on the racket. Finally hit the balloon with the racket and try to keep the balloon always in the air. Advanced turn the racket in between the exercise by 180 degrees.

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