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Theme Hiking

Hiking can be so thrilling
In Inzell you conquer the world by hiking, there is so much to discover: what made the Moorlands, how long does a deer jump or why was salt called the “white gold” in the past?

Name Schwierigkeit Länge (km) Höhenmeter
Bergwald-Erlebnispfad mittel
Kalorien-Runde leicht
Moor-Erlebnis-Pfad leicht

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Here is the way to hiking adventures.

Inzell Theme Hiking Trails are fascinating and thrilling not only for kids, even adults stop all of a sudden, the eyes filled with wonder. Everyone is laughing, researching  and guessing. Hiking is not just walking, behind each bending, each knoll, each tree, everywhere the next surprise is waiting, at each time of the year and in all kinds of weather. Sunshine is beautiful, wafts of mist as well. The senses are sharpened, nature becomes your teller of fairy tales, your contemporary witness, your companion.


Kids are curious. To get kids to really enjoy hiking it needs stories. That’s why it’s good that we in Inzell have so much to tell of. Our theme hikes are dedicated to fascinate kids and to wow them for nature. Little nuggets can be discovered everywhere, crooked pebbles or deformed plant roots. You only have to look and watch.


Group games. The mountain forest adventure trail is a good opportunity to compete in a quiz ralley within the family, among the kids or with friends. Simply build up several teams equipped with pencil and writing pad and start walking from one station to the next and right down the answers to the questions at each station. Winner is the one who has answered the highest number of questions correctly.

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