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Kneipp water-treading in Inzell.

Cold water revives the animal spirits, tired feet become active and it can help enrich your health. Inzell features two Kneipp water-treading basins. In the Kurpark (Spa Gardens) on Sundays you can at the same time listen to the concert and afterwards have a break under the pergola or on one of the benches. On the Falkenstein-Rundwanderweg (loop hiking tour) the Kneipp water-treading facility is build in the middle of the cool mountain brook. In case that your hiking tour does not cross a Kneipp facility, the clear Inzell brooks and lakes are most suitable as well. There is no better way for having a rest.


Healthy alternating bath

Get rid of your shoes and into the cool pleasure. One has to admit: to do the first steps costs quite an effort because the ice cold water isn’t every ones favourite. But it’s worth the effort! After some rounds it just feels wonderful and the same great feeling especially afterwards. Pure refreshment, not only on hot summer days. By the way Kneipp water-treading is said to prevent a cold. It is recommended for people with low blood pressure and is often quite effective against varices and venous disease.


He invented it. Priest Sebastian Kneipp revolutionized the naturopathy in the 19th century. He himself suffered a severe tuberculosis, which was said in those days to be immedicable. With short bathing sessions in the cold Donau Kneipp cured himself and investigated intensively the constitutional force of water.


The right way of Kneipp water-treading. Step like a stork through the water. Alternately raise your legs completely out of the water and stretch the tip toe downwards. Leave the basin after ten minutes, wipe the water off and warm up by walking around. If appropriate put on some thick socks. Finish earlier when feeling an extraordinary excitation of chilliness.

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