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Water Experiences

Do submerge once !

Water plays a big role in Inzell. There are little hidden lakes, briskly purling mountain brooks, Kneipp water-treading basins and a water park which promises pure water adventures.


After hiking you can go for a swim in Inzell or before or instead of. You can cool down after a mountain bike tour or reward yourself after a summit ascent with a bath in a cool mountain lake. One can plunge into the water at sunrise or spend the whole day dreaming on a shallow lakeside. To exercise a Kneipp water-treading is good for your health come rain or shine and the water park is always worth a visit. Kids feel really good when floundering about in the water. In Inzell mountains and water belong together, only in combination with each other they are something special.


Fun for the whole family. Taking a pedal boat and cruise on the lake Zwingsee one is such close to the fishes and is still on the wagon. Below you pikes are floating through pure mountain waters. Carps, brook- and rainbow-trouts, tenchs or little sturgeon species circle around or below the pedal boat. An underwater world like in an aquarium but in the open.


Side trip to the lake Krottensee. After an ample Kneipp water-treading exercise at the Falkenstein facilities we recommend a side trip to the hidden lake Krottensee which is a real gem of nature. Perhaps a gorgeous dragonfly buzzes around your nose or you can watch a carnivorous sundew catching prey animals. Or you can feel the swing moor under your feet.


Have a picnic. Water pleasures whet your appetite and mountain air does it as well. Nowhere else a Brotzeit (Bavarian snack) tastes better than in the great outdoors. The Inzell mountain lakes are real picnic paradises. Spread your blanket out on the lakeside, and best is to dip your feet into the water while enjoying a hearty Brotzeit, for example of cheese, fresh farmhouse bread and a handful of strawberries.


Fill up your water bottle. If you hike around the lake Frillensee on a hot day you don’t need to have a beverage with you, you should rather prefer to taste the water from the spring. The spring water is of first-class quality and tastes like the whole landscape around: silent, clear, cool and pristine. Fill up your beverage bottle and take the taste of the mountains with you into the valley.

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