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Winter Nordic Walking

Stick planting in snow

Nordic walking is independent of all seasons, a Nordic walk is always possible. In Inzell every hiking trail is appropriate for this healthy endurance sport. Fresh powder snow damps every step, everything goes quite easy. For an additional foothold special snow baskets for the walking sticks are needed and then let’s go: the pristine winter air frees your mind and makes the cheeks look rosy. The Inzell valley and the mountain summits in the Chiemgau feature as a wonderful winter backdrop.

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Nordic Walking Winter Outfit. The shoes should have a good grip sole, to prevent from slipping. A waterproof  Obermaterial prevents clammy feet. For clothing the typical onion look can be recommended. Several breathable clothing layers lead the humidity to the outside and keep the heat inside. The shoe shop Gams offers sticks for rent.


Moorland-Adventure-Trail (Moor-Erlebnis-Pfad). This family friendly hiking trail is in fact a journey through time. It leads 12.000 years back into the past, when glaciers covered the landscape and mammoths lived in the Inzell region. More than 20 amazing discovery stations show how the Filzen moor evolved. The path is accessible in winter as in summer and always a real pleasure for the big and the little ones.

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